Friday, September 23, 2011

100K Stumbles and over 300K blog views!

Hey hey everyone!

Just wanted to say we hit a huge achievement in my books and its the 100,000 likes on stumble upon! It's taken many months and its even more exciting than when the blog hit 100,000 views. I remember when the site only had 6 stumbleupon likes and a couple hundred views (mostly mine and friends). We sure have come a long way and I wanna thank all the followers for being with us and all the people who drop by and like the site. As long as there's still funny HP stuff on the net I'll be adding to this collection :)

Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

(via withafunnyheart)

Just some thoughts

Hey just wondering what you guys thought about the music i have playing on the site? If a lot of you find it annoying I'll probably take it out, I thought it'd be fun to try. Also I always find cool things like the post i put up a while ago with the floating girl and the book, I was wondering if you guys would like posts like that or should I just stick to purely funny stuff. Give me your opinions if you have the time :)

Thx for dropping by!